The joy of sharing and caring – Joyce and Henri announce North American tour this fall!

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New Sight News – July 2023

Message from Joyce and Henri

When our kids went on the first speaking tour with us in Hong Kong, we asked the teenage daughter of a fellow missionary doctor to give them advice. We expected her to say things like enjoy eating things and doing things that you cannot do in Congo. Instead, without hesitation, she said, ‘When you see people, everyone will ask you how it is going in Congo. My advice is to say, “Thank you for asking. It is going well.” But don’t say anymore just yet. If you tell everyone your news, you will get tired … Some people really care and want to know how you are. So, when they ask you more questions, you can share with them because you will then come away feeling so very encouraged!’

We agree! When you take the time to read our news, we are so encouraged and touched. Thank you for your care, kind interest and support. Please know that everything you are about to read happened because of you!



Construction update and plans

The hospital construction is progressing very well and is due to be completed later this year, with fitting out and moving in planned for the first half of 2024. The solar panels have been fitted, the internal walls are now up, the plumbing and incinerator have been installed, and the team is now working on the electrics, air conditioning, ceiling framing, as well as continuing with windows, tiling and paintwork.

We are preparing and fundraising for the construction of on-site staff accommodation. This is the second phase of the construction and is essential to the sustainability of the project.

To see the latest update on our hospital construction, please visit the Hospital Construction page and find the June 2023 update!

Captions: Construction update video; drone view of eye block; reception and corridor; eye block south view

Construction update June 2023

drone view of completely white roof of eye block

Hospital construction reception and corridor - 13 May 2023

Hospital building south side view - 13 May 2023



Our Interim Eye Centre had its busiest month to date!

The first quarter of 2023 was our busiest so far at the eye centre. The team saw an average of 290 patients per month over the quarter, including 314 in January, making that the busiest month since the centre opened in July 2019. This has highlighted the need for more medical and support staff to join the team. Since December, a new receptionist, a cleaner and two part-time guards have joined our team as we continue our efforts for recruitment and training.

Caption: Patient numbers at the Interim Eye Centre July 19 – Mar 23



First Presentation Day by the students

Our students have been working very hard developing their skills. In February, they delivered their first presentations, which was a great learning experience for them all. Our joint winners were delighted to each receive a can of milk powder and packet of cookies, and the event concluded with croissants for all!

Captions: Brunel presenting; Franck presenting; Henri and Joyce congratulate the winners



Interim Surgical Centre offering sight-saving operations

Since opening in October 2022, we have performed 48 surgeries at our interim surgical centre. We do have a long waiting list, but we are pacing our program for now as we need to train our students and ensure quality of care. Below are photos of some of our first patients who can see today because of your support.

Captions: Henri in surgery with students assisting; Amos, before surgery; Amos, after surgery and wearing protective sunglasses

Ongoing surgery Henri and students

Patient Amos after surgery and wearing protective sunglasses



Children’s Magazine and School Partnerships continue to grow nationwide

Our children’s magazine, the first and only one of its kind in the country, continues to grow in popularity, with requests for copies from across the country. In April, Wendy, our lead for children’s outreach and school partnership travelled to Pointe Noire, the economic capital of Congo to provide the first training outside of Ouesso.

This map shows how the number of our distribution centres have grown exponentially since its first issue in May 2021.

Caption: Distribution map of children’s magazines

Over 18,000 children received the sixth issue of the magazine, given out in January-March this year. The team are now distributing the seventh issue. You can see more photos and updates on our website posts on the children’s magazine, and on social media.

Captions: Some of the happy recipients of the sixth issue of our children’s magazine in Djambo primary school; a student works on the magazine at Ecole Bokangue; students during the distribution of the seventh issue.



Thank you to our amazing visiting volunteers!

A huge thank you to our volunteers who have travelled from across the world to work with us in Ouesso over the last six months.

Jack and Jason, our voluntary engineers extraordinaires, who have been working remotely on our hospital construction project for the past few years, came in person all the way from America to work on it last November. Jack returned for a second mission in May to make further advances and plans for the next phase of construction.

In December, Hiu Yin finished her six-month mission in Congo, using her pharmaceutical and administrative skills to provide much-needed help. Her unfailing encouragement and positive attitude were an inspiration. We miss her and are grateful that she continues to volunteer from Singapore.

Following this, we were delighted to welcome Karen from Hong Kong in January to spend four months working in Ouesso. We appreciate her diligence, creativity and heart to serve. She continues to help us with social media posts to share about our work and our teams around the world.

Thank you for your sacrifice, hard work and skills! What a joy and blessing you are!

Captions: Volunteer engineer Jason, Henri, Joyce, volunteer engineer Jack, and site project manager Fred; Hiu Yin and Henri riding bikes to the clinic; Karen helping at the pharmacy


Hiu Yin and Henri ride bikes to clinic



Job Opportunities at New Sight

As our work grows, we need more people to join our team in every area and in every location, including Hong Kong. Do you have a heart to serve? Whatever your skills and background, do take our look at our website for more information: Jobs at New Sight.


WE are hiring white version



Unexpected Blessings from an Unexpected Trip to Hong Kong

In May, Joyce had to make an unexpected trip to Hong Kong due to family circumstances and took the opportunity to catch up with as many New Sight supporters as possible. Thank you to everyone for making the time for Joyce. It was such a treat to connect and meet new friends!

Captions: Joyce sharing at groups; Joyce speaking at church services; celebrating New Sight’s work for over a decade; catching up with the Hong Kong team and family






Invitation for Summer Fun for Children Worldwide

We are always humbled by our donors and fundraisers for New Sight. We especially enjoy journeying with you on your fun and creative fundraising activities! One of our young supporters, Seb from Singapore, has accomplished a truly epic adventure for New Sight! In May, after months of training and preparation, he and his dad Anthony took part in a sponsored climb and conquered Everest base camp! See his fundraising page here: Sebastian Correa’s Everest 2023 Fundraiser.

Would you and your children like to take on a fundraising challenge for New Sight this summer? Take a look at our Two Front Teeth campaign, inspiring children to make a difference as they learn and have fun along the way: Project Two Front Teeth

Caption: Seb’s fundraising page



Joyce and Henri are touring USA and Canada this fall!

We had to cancel our North American tour back in 2020 due to the pandemic. After a busy few years, we are pleased to announce a tour by Joyce and Henri this fall before we embark on the exciting move into the new hospital. The purpose is to raise support, recruit staff, explore partnerships and speak at conferences.

Our plans are still being firmed up, but here are our rough provisional dates and locations.


  • Toronto, Ontario +/- Montreal, Quebec (~ 25 Sep – 6 Oct)
  • Edmonton, Alberta (~ 7 – 12 Oct)
  • Calgary, Alberta (~ 12 – 19 Oct)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia (~ 20 – 30 Nov)


  • New York City, New York (~ 21 – 25 Sep)
  • Los Angeles / Irvine / Southern California (~ 19 – 30 Oct)
  • Boston, Massachusetts (~ 30 Oct – 6 Nov)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio (~ 6 – 8 Nov to be confirmed / 11 – 14 Nov confirmed)
  • Louisville, Kentucky (9 – 11 Nov)
  • Missouri City / Houston, Texas (~ 15 – 20 Nov)
  • San Francisco / Bay Area, California (~ 30 Nov – 13 Dec)

As our plans firm up, we will be updating them here: We would love any advice and ideas you may have, and of course to meet you and your friends if you are in any of the areas that we are visiting!

Caption: Joyce and Henri USA-Canada Tour 2023



Launch of our 10th Anniversary Video

What fun we had partying throughout our 10th Anniversary Year in the Republic of Congo. We have created a short video called ‘The Story of New Sight’ as an exciting finale to our celebrations as we look forward to the next decade! We are so thankful that because of you and your important support, we have been able to accomplish all that we had set out to do, and more! You have empowered us so that we are poised for even more successes in the days and years to come! Thank you!

Caption: The Story of New Sight



PS from Joyce and Henri

We really would love to be able to meet as many of you as possible in person in USA and Canada in the fall!


Love from Congo,

The New Sight Team, Joyce and Henri

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