Diocesan Girls’ School, DGS Kaleidoscope, Newsletter Issue No. 26 – Jan 2022

New Sight Congo stall at “Mini” Mini Bazaar (PDF version here)

愛心獎 Compassion Award – 16 Oct 2020

Facebook post on Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong

AM730 – 31 Aug 2020

第15屆‧2020「愛心獎」 8位得獎人揭曉 (Eight Awardees of 15th Compassion Awards Announced) (PDF version here) (in Chinese)

台灣經濟日報 (Taiwan Economic Times) – 27 Aug 2020

2020愛心獎 八位得獎人揭曉 (Eight Awardees of 2020 Compassion Awards Announced) (PDF version here) (in Chinese)

公益時報今日頭條 (Charity Times – Today’s Headlines) – 25 Aug 2020

第15屆-2020“愛心獎”8位得獎人揭曉 內地盧邁、劉海鷹入選獲頒15萬美元 (Eight Awardees of 2020 Compassion Awards Announced – China’s Lu Mai and Liu Haiying Awarded 150,000 USD) (PDF version here) (in Chinese)

鳳凰微博 (Phoenix Television Weibo Channel) – 26 Aug 2020

八位得獎人,共同的夢想,他們用行動詮釋”愛無國界” (Eight Awardees with the Same Dream, Putting “Compassion Without Borders” in Action) (PDF version here) (in Chinese)

Diocesan Old Girls’ Association – 19 May 2020

COVID-19 Stories: Perspectives from alumnae across the world – Joyce Samoutou-Wong

Sky News – 26 April 2020

Coronavirus: Africa is poorly prepared to deal with COVID-19 but ingenuity offers hope (PDF version here)

BBC World Service – 12 April 2020

《時事一周》肺炎疫情:世衛警告新冠病毒將猛撲非洲 港醫生嘆防疫難 (Standalone segment) (Cantonese) (PDF version here)

《時事一周》2020年4月12日 (Full version) (Interview 25:09-30:03) (MP3 version here)

The Guardian – 8 April 2020

Coronavirus in Africa: What happens next? (PDF version here)

South China Morning Post – 4 April 2020

Coronavirus in the Congo: no face masks or running water, and little money – so Hong Kong doctor turns to song to combat Covid-19 (PDF version here)

The Way of Blessings (WOB152), pp. 112-113, 136-147 – December 2018

The Path Less Travelled (PDF version)

RTHK Radio 3 “The 1 2 3 Show” – 18 December 2018

Interview with Noreen Mir (MP3 version here)

Macau TDM Talk Show – 27 September 2018

Interview with Karen Keith

The Standard – 25 April 2018

Seeing is believing in people    (PDF version here)

晴報 (Skypost) – 29 January 2018

目養‧重見光     (PDF version here)      (in Chinese)

號角月報 (Herald Monthly) – October 2017

耳聽八方: (人間有情) 甘作黎明迎曙光   (PDF version here) (in Chinese)

創世電視 (CreationTV) – 28 April 2017

愛地球觀察站 – 剛果「目養」行動     (in Cantonese)

文匯報 (Wen Wai Po) – 28 March 2017

活出超越自己的精彩人生     (PDF version here)

明報 (Ming Pao) – 18 March 2017

港醫生非洲入村治眼疾 籌款建醫院     (PDF version here)

ESF Island School Hong Kong – 8 December 2016

In Heavy Rains Students Undertake & Complete 50km Rainbow Trek (PDF version here)

香港有線電視 (i-Cable) – 小事大意義 – 1 February 2016

點亮剛果‬ 第五集:盼望綻放 / Light Up Congo Ep5: When Hope Blossoms     (Cantonese with English subtitles)

香港有線電視 (i-Cable) – 小事大意義 – 25 January 25 2016

點亮剛果 第四集:回望甘苦 / Light Up Congo Ep4: Joy and Sorrow     (Cantonese with English subtitles)

香港有線電視 (i-Cable) – 小事大意義 – 18 January 2016

點亮剛果 第三集:心繫他鄉 / Light Up Congo Ep3: Heart for a Distant Land     (Cantonese with English subtitles)

AM730 – 15 January 2016

點亮剛果 – 回望甘苦   (in Chinese) (PDF version here)

香港有線電視 (i-Cable) – 小事大意義 – 11 January 2016

點亮剛果 第二集:緣聚赤道 / Light Up Congo Ep2: Love at the Equator      (Cantonese with English subtitles)

AM730 – January 8, 2016

點亮剛果 – 緣聚赤道   (in Chinese) (PDF version here)

香港有線電視 (i-Cable) – 小事大意義 – 4 January 2016

點亮剛果 第一集:看見曙光 / Light Up Congo Ep1: The Beam of Hope     (Cantonese with English subtitles)

AM730 – December 31, 2015

點亮剛果 – 看見曙光     (in Chinese)  (PDF version here)

信報 (Hong Kong Economic Journal) – 1 April 2014

女醫生落戶剛果 – 助窮人重見光明        (in Chinese)

明報 (Ming Pao) – 27 January 2014

森林義診 – 港立剛果送光明      (in Chinese)

South China Morning Post – 27 May 2013

Doctor finds her calling deep in the African jungle   (PDF version here)

《傳》雙月刊 (Proclaim Magazine) – November 2012

非洲的呼聲     (PDF version here)

South China Morning Post – POST magazine – 1 April 2012

The co-founder of New Sight tells Oliver Chou how she came to establish the first eye clinic in the Republic of Congo (PDF)

United World College Life Magazine – 12 March 2012

A sight to behold: the Samoutous changing lives in their Congo clinic (PDF version here)

South China Morning Post – Young Post – 26 January 2012

A keen eye for charity – A Hong Kong doctor and her husband hope to give Africa’s blind the gift of sight     (PDF version here)

South China Morning Post – 22 January 2012

Medic Gives Needy Gift of Sight on Congo Trip (PDF)

大公報 (Tai Kung Pao) – 15 January 2012

黃凱欣  非常醫生  領人出黑暗入光明     (PDF version here)

明報 (Ming Pao) – 2012

港女醫剛果燃點光明 (Hong Kong female doctor lights the way in Congo) (PDF) (in Chinese)

BBC – 27 December 2011

Leeds couple to open Congo eye clinic (PDF version here)