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Leeds couple to open Congo eye clinic

The Voice – 20 August 2011

Couple Looking To Provide New Sight

Yorkshire Evening Post – 8 August 2011

A Leeds family so struck by the plight of people on the other side of the world are changing their whole lives to help


‘When I met Joyce and Henri, I was very impacted.  They inspired me.  Many people talk about what they want to do, have grand ideas, big visions form God.  What marks this remarkable couple out is they are actually doing it.  They are leaving their friends and families, uprooting their three young children, giving up the comforts and security of their life in the UK to go into the very depths of Africa.  All this is to serve the cause of the poor and needy (Isaiah 58:6-10).  They literally make people see again !!  They cannot do this without your support.  Please join Lizzie and I and donate just 50 pounds.  With that a blind person can be set free from constant darkness into a whole new world of light, independence and hope!  Please do what you can to support these amazing and inspirational people through prayer and regular financial support.’

John and Lizzie Kirkby
Founders and International Director
Christians Against Poverty


‘I have known Joyce and Henri Samoutou since they met each other at Bongolo Hospital in the 1990s. Their remarkable journey has been one of faith, perseverance, service to the poor, and personal sacrifice. Over the past decade it has included short term and long term trips to Africa that regularly produced spiritual fruit and deep appreciation from their patients and their medical colleagues. Henri has a wonderful ability to perform delicate surgery for cataracts, glaucoma, and trauma, using minimal equipment and producing excellent results. Joyce broke the mould by obeying God’s call to leave her own people and take the gospel to Africans in Africa. In accepting to develop an ophthalmology service at Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo, Congo, the Samoutous are placing their lives, the lives of their children, and their financial future into the Lord’s trustworthy hands. Their ministry promises to bring to a population of tens of thousands of people mired in poverty and hopelessness the light and hope of Jesus. My prayer is that all who read this testimonial will enthusiastically support them in prayer and in giving.’

Dr. David C. Thompson, MD, FACS, FWACS
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Loma Linda University (International Division)
Founder and Africa Director for the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons
Bongolo Hospital, Gabon

‘As Senior Pastor of Joyce and Henri, I can verify that they are the real deal. We will be getting behind them as a church but they will still require much support. They are committed, extremely hard working and full of fighting faith. And very likeable. I think they’re BRILLIANT.’

Dave Gilpin
Senior pastor of Hope City Church, UK