信報 (Economic Times) – 9 Feb 2023

香港李寶椿聯合世界書院 培育90國精英 改變地球 (Hong Kong Li Po Chun United World College Cultivates Top Students from 90 Countries to Change the Globe; mention of UWC alumni Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong) (in Chinese)

Master Insight 灼見名家 – 2 February 2022

如何培養孩子擁有廣闊視野、開放思維?刻意多樣性共融教育能開創和平永續未來? 《相談會客室》訪問(2023-02-02) (Interview with Anthony Tong, Chair of Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong and Ken Yeung, Chair of United World Colleges Hong Kong Committee: How can we nurture broad vision and open thinking in children? Can intentional diversity and inclusion in education create a peaceful and sustainable future? Mention of UWC alumni Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong) (in Cantonese)

Commercial Radio 1 – 25 Jan 2023

《人民大道中》「刻意多樣性」教育擴闊眼界 (“The way out”: Intentional diversity in education can broaden horizons: Interview with Anthony Tong, Chair of Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong and Ken Yeung, Chair of United World Colleges Hong Kong Committee)
Clip of Ken Yeung mentioning UWC alumni Joyce Samoutou-Wong (MP3)(Cantonese)

Commercial Radio 1 & 2 – 24 Sep 2022

《有誰共鳴》醫生作家王欣浩及太太吳嘉汶: 讀醫初心是想用知識幫助更多病人 分享行醫最深刻經歷  (“Share our song”: Doctor and author Alan Wong and his wife Rendy Ng: Practicing medicine to help more patients and sharing about New Sight Eye Care) (Cantonese)

Diocesan Girls’ School, DGS Kaleidoscope, Newsletter Issue No. 26 – Jan 2022

New Sight Congo stall at “Mini” Mini Bazaar (PDF version)

愛心獎 Compassion Award – 16 Oct 2020

Facebook post on Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong

AM730 – 31 Aug 2020

第15屆‧2020「愛心獎」 8位得獎人揭曉 (Eight Awardees of 15th Compassion Awards Announced) (PDF version) (in Chinese)

台灣經濟日報 (Taiwan Economic Times) – 27 Aug 2020

2020愛心獎 八位得獎人揭曉 (Eight Awardees of 2020 Compassion Awards Announced) (PDF) (in Chinese)

公益時報今日頭條 (Charity Times – Today’s Headlines) – 25 Aug 2020

第15屆-2020“愛心獎”8位得獎人揭曉 內地盧邁、劉海鷹入選獲頒15萬美元 (Eight Awardees of 2020 Compassion Awards Announced – China’s Lu Mai and Liu Haiying Awarded 150,000 USD) (PDF version) (in Chinese)

鳳凰微博 (Phoenix Television Weibo Channel) – 26 Aug 2020

八位得獎人,共同的夢想,他們用行動詮釋”愛無國界” (Eight Awardees with the Same Dream, Putting “Compassion Without Borders” in Action) (PDF version) (in Chinese)

Diocesan Old Girls’ Association – 19 May 2020

COVID-19 Stories: Perspectives from alumnae across the world – Joyce Samoutou-Wong (PDF version)

Sky News – 26 April 2020

Coronavirus: Africa is poorly prepared to deal with COVID-19 but ingenuity offers hope (PDF version)

BBC World Service – 12 April 2020

《時事一周》肺炎疫情:世衛警告新冠病毒將猛撲非洲 港醫生嘆防疫難   (Standalone segment) (Cantonese) (PDF version)

《時事一周》2020年4月12日 (Full version)  (Interview 25:09-30:03)   (MP3 version)

The Guardian – 8 April 2020

Coronavirus in Africa: What happens next?    (PDF version)

South China Morning Post – 4 April 2020

Coronavirus in the Congo: no face masks or running water, and little money – so Hong Kong doctor turns to song to combat Covid-19    (PDF version)

The Way of Blessings (WOB152), pp. 112-113, 136-147 – December 2018

The Path Less Travelled    (PDF)

RTHK Radio 3 “The 1 2 3 Show” – 18 December 2018

Interview with Noreen Mir   (MP3 version)

Macau TDM Talk Show – 27 September 2018

Interview with Karen Keith (YouTube link)

The Standard – 25 April 2018

Seeing is believing in people    (PDF version)

晴報 (Skypost) – 29 January 2018

目養‧重見光     (PDF version)  (in Chinese)

號角月報 (Herald Monthly) – October 2017

耳聽八方: (人間有情) 甘作黎明迎曙光   (PDF version)  (in Chinese)

創世電視 (CreationTV) – 28 April 2017

愛地球觀察站 – 剛果「目養」行動     (in Cantonese)

文匯報 (Wen Wai Po) – 28 March 2017

活出超越自己的精彩人生     (PDF version)

明報 (Ming Pao) – 18 March 2017

港醫生非洲入村治眼疾 籌款建醫院     (PDF version)

ESF Island School Hong Kong – 8 December 2016

In Heavy Rains Students Undertake & Complete 50km Rainbow Trek (PDF version)

香港有線電視 (i-Cable) – 《小事大意義──細說5分鐘》 《點亮剛果系列》Light Up Congo documentary series – 4 January – 1 February 2016

點亮剛果 第一集:看見曙光 / Light Up Congo Ep. 1: The Beam of Hope – 4 January 2016    (Cantonese with English subtitles)

點亮剛果 第二集:緣聚赤道 / Light Up Congo Ep. 2: Love at the Equator – 11 January 2016    (Cantonese with English subtitles)

點亮剛果 第三集:心繫他鄉 / Light Up Congo Ep. 3: Heart for a Distant Land – 18 January 2016    (Cantonese with English subtitles)

點亮剛果 第四集:回望甘苦 / Light Up Congo Ep. 4: Joy and Sorrow – 25 January 25 2016     (Cantonese with English subtitles)

點亮剛果‬ 第五集:盼望綻放 / Light Up Congo Ep. 5: When Hope Blossoms – 1 February 2016    (Cantonese with English subtitles)

AM730 – 特稿《小事大意義》《剛果系列》 – 31 December 2015 – 15 January 2016

特稿《小事大意義》剛果系列一 – 點亮剛果 – 看見曙光 (Special Report: Light Up Congo Pt. 1: The Beam of Hope) – 31 December 2015  (in Chinese)   (PDF version)

特稿《小事大意義》剛果系列二 – 點亮剛果 – 緣聚赤道 (Special Report: Light Up Congo Pt. 2: Love at the Equator) – 8 January 2016  (in Chinese)   (PDF version)

特稿《小事大意義》剛果系列三 – 點亮剛果 – 回望甘苦 (Special Report: Light Up Congo Pt. 3: Joy and Sorrow) – 15 January 2016  (in Chinese)   (PDF version)

信報 (Hong Kong Economic Journal) – 1 April 2014

女醫生落戶剛果 – 助窮人重見光明 (Female doctor settled in Congo – helping the poor regain their sight) (PDF) (in Chinese)

明報 (Ming Pao) – 27 January 2014

森林義診 – 港立剛果送光明 (Non-profit Forest Clinic – Set up by Hong Kong, brings light to Congo) (PDF) (in Chinese)

South China Morning Post – 27 May 2013

Doctor finds her calling deep in the African jungle   (PDF version)

《傳》雙月刊 (Proclaim Magazine) – November 2012

非洲的呼聲 (The cry from Africa)    (PDF version)

South China Morning Post – POST magazine – 1 April 2012

Joyce Samoutou-Wong: The co-founder of New Sight tells Oliver Chou how she came to establish the first eye clinic in the Republic of Congo    (PDF)

United World College Life Magazine – 12 March 2012

A sight to behold: the Samoutous changing lives in their Congo clinic (PDF version)

South China Morning Post – Young Post – 26 January 2012

A keen eye for charity – A Hong Kong doctor and her husband hope to give Africa’s blind the gift of sight     (PDF version)

South China Morning Post – 22 January 2012

Medic Gives Needy Gift of Sight on Congo Trip    (PDF)

大公報 (Tai Kung Pao) – 15 January 2012

黃凱欣  非常醫生  領人出黑暗入光明 (Wong Hoi-Yan Joyce – Extraordinary Doctor – Bringing people out of darkness into light)   (PDF) (in Chinese)

明報 (Ming Pao) – 2012

港女醫剛果燃點光明 (Hong Kong female doctor lights the way in Congo)   (PDF) (in Chinese)

BBC – 27 December 2011

Leeds couple to open Congo eye clinic (PDF version)