Sebastian Correa’s Everest 2023 Fundraiser

  Posted on April 15, 2023 by Stephanie Ng

Dear Friends and Family,

The Founders of New Sight Congo, Joyce Samoutou and her husband Henri are medical missionaries and close friends of my family.

Joyce grew up in Hong Kong and attended Diocesan Girls’ School with my godmother. My aunt also taught her, so I know she and her husband are a good and reliable people who are doing great work in the Republic of the Congo to cure blindness. Since they moved to Africa in 2012 they have cured over 10,000 people of blindness. They are inspiring and selfless people who are making the world a better place.

Joyce and Henri are building a new eye hospital in a place called Ouesso, which is on the Republic of Congo border with Cameroon and not far from the Central African Republic. Places like the Republic of Congo, Cameroon and the Central African Republic do not have access to any specialist eye care so their hospital will bring life changing medical services to this remote and undeveloped part of the world.

I know that they will cure blindness for many hundreds and thousands of people in this new eye hospital in Ouesso. I feel that by completing my expedition and doing my fundraising, I shall make a real difference to the world.

To support our campaign, please see the following ways:

  • For HKD donations and Hong Kong receipts, please go to below form. You can leave us a comment as well, we would love to hear from you!
  • For GBP donations and UK receipts, please go to this page and drop us an email that you’ve supported this fundraiser!
  • For USD / CAD donations and tax receipts, please visit New Sight’s donation page for US and Canada respectively, and drop us an email
  • For donations from other countries, please go to below form and change the currency. Drop us a note as well!

Thank you in advance for your kind donations!

With my deepest gratitude and thanks,

Sebastian Correa


Together, we've raised more than HKD$149,199.96 so far for this campaign in Hong Kong, and an equivalent of HKD$16,600 from other parts of the world!


Jean Chay



Peter Remedios


Congratulations Sebby (and Anthony) on an incredible achievement!! Kudos to you to for doing something for such a worthy cause.


Erle & Mel Pereira


Well done Seby (and Tony for supporting Seby) in your amazing effort to make this world a better place! Keep it up always! Blessings, Erle & Mel


Wendy Koh


Well done Sebastian for your charitable fund raising efforts!


Chris Richardson


Well done Sebestian for making such a wonderful effort for such a wonderful cause. You should be very proud of yourself.


Rebecca Hong


I am proudly making this contribution for the amazing achievement you have both achieved. Never a doubt on you completing this journey and you have a heroes welcome home to … Read more

I am proudly making this contribution for the amazing achievement you have both achieved. Never a doubt on you completing this journey and you have a heroes welcome home to look forward to.

Anonymous User




James Dubow


Nice work for a great cause Sebastian

Anonymous User




Siew ling Lee


Enjoy your journey Sebbie, Anthony! Perhaps both of you will see the world with different eyes upon this adventure! Look forward to hearing all about it.


Eliana Correa


Stay Safe哥哥!!! You can do it!!! NEVER GIVE UPPPPP!!! 🙂 Your favourite sibling, -Eliana Correa🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈


Giselle Lau


What an incredible experience! Love the photo updates. Stay safe! -Megan and Rheann

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