Hospital Construction

drone view of roof with solar panels


The story so far


Meet the Construction Project Manager

I am Frederic DEGY, project manager and representative of the company Fortis Logistique. It is an honour for me as a Franco-Congolese to have the responsibility of leading this project which aims to help the populations of northern Congo and the Congo Basin in general. Fortis is a local company created in 2009 and employs about 250 people. It has a presence throughout the country, with a base at Pointe-Noire, at Brazzaville and at Ouesso since 2016. The great challenge of this project is the isolation of this area and the supply of tools and materials. The fact that we are in the transport business makes us a good partner who can both transport the materials and carry out the construction to international standards.

Photo caption: Fred (first on the right) with volunteer engineer Jason Kalb, founders Henri and Joyce Samoutou, and volunteer engineer Jack Eisenbach


The Construction Plan

The land acquired by New Sight has an area of 6 hectares (60,000 m2) and we have currently fenced off only 2 hectares (20,000 m2)

The building will include :

The building will also be an environmentally friendly, as it will be 95% self-sufficient in water and electricity, thanks to an electrical supply via solar panels.


What’s been done


What’s being done now


What’s to be done


Hospital Floor Plan


The Latest Update


Week of 17 April 2024

Joyce wishes us a happy springtime and shares an update on construction progress. #spring #construction #hospital #newsightnewlife


Week of 17 March 2024

Our hospital was planned and built with sustainability in mind. We are proud of our 375 kW PV solar system with 140 batteries controlled by 2 huge inverters, which will provide 95% of our water and electricity needs with a back-up generator. Thank you to the fabulous teams who travelled all the way from South Africa and south of Congo for helping us set it all up, and thank you to you, our supporters and donors, for empowering us to empower our patients and community.

The Congolese solar team and South African battery team singing their song of victory when the batteries finally started charging in the New Sight power room. Even though they didn’t speak each other’s language they sang together! Victory!


Week of 28 February 2024

This month, the team worked on electrical repairs for generators and electrical systems, borehole repair works and water pump replacement. For the upcoming roof leaks repair and battery-solar system connection work by a South African team, they sourced materials and made arrangements.

Pump repairs

Electrical hookups


Week of 31 January 2024

The works on site this month were topsoil spreading and grass installation. The DDH (Regional manager) visited the site to inspect the hospital borehole and was greeted by Henri and Sabin.

Topsoil spreading for grass installation

Grass installation


Grass installation

Site visit from the DDH (Regional manager)


Week of 11 December 2023

On site works ongoing: grass installation resumed, with the guards watering every night; fencing and east canal culvert installation and backfilling.

Grass growing at the northeast façade

Top soil delivered for grass installation


Perimeter fence on the north side

Additional intermediary fence on the west side


East canal manhole and culvert

East canal culvert installation


East canal culvert installation ongoing

East canal backfill on top of culvert


Week of 25 November 2023

Several works have been ongoing on site: the perimeter fence gate, metallic posts and welded mesh were being installed; the generator vent piping was installed; mosquito nets and wooden frames were installed in the wall opening; topsoil was spread for installing grass; and excavation for the east access canal commenced. The team continued to work to address the roof leaks and other issues, by installing replacement metallic roof sheets for the south façade canopy cover and replacement ceramic ceiling boards for the consultation.

Perimeter fence gate installation

Metallic post and welded mesh installation


Generator vent piping installation

South façade canopy cover with metallic roof sheets


Wall opening cover with mosquito nets and wooden frame

Replacement ceramic ceiling boards ready for installation

Topsoil spreading for grass installation

East access canal excavation works


Week of 18 November 2023

Earlier this month, the construction team installed the chimney in the incinerator room and started excavating the canal. The excavation and pouring of cement for the perimeter fence footing, and installation of metallic posts and welded mesh continued. The generator room underwent painting works, ventilation fan installation, and exhaust ductwork installation and painting. The team tackled the roof leaks and other issues by removing the south façade louver and putting on metallic roof sheets for the canopy cover, and they also removed the consultation area ceiling boards. The septic tank hatch concrete cover was installed.

Incinerator chimney installation

Canal excavation


Fence grid and post installation

Generator room walls painting works


Generator exhaust ductwork installation and painting

South façade louver removal and canopy cover with metallic roof sheets

Consultation area ceiling boards removal

Septic tank hatch concrete cover installation


Week of 28 October 2023

Concrete pouring on road pads commenced. Gate installation of the east access was completed. Concrete pouring for the slab cover of the northwest septic tank and plastering of the access hatch were done. Roadworks and backfilling continued and road walkway works were ongoing.

Concrete pouring on road pad

Gates at the east access were installed


Slab cover pouring over northwest septic tank

Access hatch plastering of the northwest septic tank


Roadworks and backfilling continued

Road walkway works ongoing



Week of 1 October 2023

Epoxy paint was applied to the exterior corridor and autoclave room. The ramp to the hospital was being welded and installed. The northwest cesspool slab was being installed. Roof leaks were discovered, so the roof was being repaired. The fence posts footing continued to be excavated, while fence metallic parts and the fence grid were installed.

Epoxy paint application in exterior corridor
Epoxy paint application in exterior corridor

Ramp being welded and installed


The northwest cesspool slab was being installed

Roof leaks repair ongoing


Fence posts footing excavated, and concrete poured

Fence metallic parts and the fence grid were installed



Week of 23 September 2023

We have some amazing photos of the hospital exterior from the drone, and fantastic photos of the hospital interior.

Drone photo of eye block
Drone photo of hospital site
Aerial photo of hospital site from a distance
Aerial photo of hospital site from a distance


Surgical corridor
Surgical corridor

Outpatient area doorway


Nurses station
Nurses station
Lecture RoomLecture room


Administrative area corridor

Inpatient 4-bed ward


Operating theatre 1

Operating theatre 2


Week of 2 September 2023

September saw several activities going on: electrical works, paint works, fans and lights installation, mosquito nets and frames installation, ceiling board and fiberglass installation and fence post footing excavation works. The northwest cesspool walls and beams were being formed and reinforced. The corridor floor was being prepared for water proofing agent application.

Paint works
Ceiling board installation
Ceiling board installation


lights installation
Lights installation
Mosquito nets and frames
Mosquito nets and frames installation


Corridor prep for epoxy paint repair
Corridor floor prep for waterproofing agent

Northwest cesspool wall and column forming


Week of 27 August 2023

Ezra does the grand finale of construction updates in his summer holidays!

See how much progress has been made and imagine with him how we can help the community!


Week of 14 July 2023

For the first two weeks of this month, several works have been ongoing: windows adjustment, fans and ceiling lights installation, fibreglass installation, floor tiling, building side walls framing, and external sink wall tiling.

Windows adjustment

Fans and ceiling lights installation


Fibreglass installation

Floor tiling


Building side walls framing

External sink wall tiling


Week of 28 July 2023

Imagine you’re a patient, coming to our hospital for the first time! Let Ezra help you …


Week of 21 July 2023

Ezra is back in Ouesso for summer holidays and he’s taken over the construction updates!
See what he’s surprised about when he sees the space in person, and what mummy Joyce is happy about!


The Samoutou kids visit on 16 July

Cherissa, Ezra and Karis join their parents to visit the construction site of the eye block of the hospital. They posed with the panel, generator, ceiling hatch and fan, reception and consultation area. Look how excited they were! And we join them in gratefulness for the encouraging progress.

Karis posing with the electrical panel

Ezra the muscleman posing with the generator


Henri, Karis and Ezra going to explore the ceiling hatch

Cherissa and Ezra acting as nurses bringing an unwilling patient Karis for treatment? Be gentle, kids!


Ezra the patient and the lovely receptionist Karis

The groundbreaking wall sank as the ground levelled and the kids appear to have a growth spurt!


Week of 14 July 2023

For the first two weeks of this month, several works have been ongoing: windows adjustment, fans and ceiling lights installation, fibreglass installation, floor tiling, building side walls framing, and external sink wall tiling.

Windows adjustment

Fans and ceiling lights installation


Fibreglass installation

Floor tiling


Building side walls framing

External sink wall tiling


Week of 30 June 2023

Our June construction video shows that the solar panels have been fitted, internal walls are now up, the plumbing and incinerator have been installed, and the team is now working on the electrics, solar panels, air-conditioning, ceiling framing, as well as continuing with windows, tiling and paintwork.


Week of 13 May 2023

The eye block is looking impressive! Building exterior wall plastering and painting are ongoing as are works on the lintel and the concrete pavement. In the interior, work on floor tiling, plumbing and pipes, and door and window edges continue.

Hospital building south side view - 13 May 2023
Eye block south view
Hospital building north west view construction 13 May 2023
Eye block northwest view


Hospital building north east view construction 13 May 2023
Eye block northeast view
Hospital construction northeast view - 13 May 2023
Eye block northeast view

drone view of completely white roof of eye block
Drone view of completely white roof of eye block

Hospital construction reception and corridor - 13 May 2023
Reception and corridor
Hospital Construction - Inpatient area and corridor - 13 May 2023
Inpatient area and corridor


Week of 30 April 2023

These aerial photos show the overall progress being made on the site:

Aerial view side approach
Aerial view top approach


Throughout April, work continued on: plumbing work, brick laying, interior wall plastering, window edge finishing, roofing work, wall painting in inpatient area, wall painting in nurse station, operation theatre walls forming, floor tiling in inpatient area, floor screed pouring, manhole forming, and rainwater collector slab reinforcement.


Interior wall plastering
Interior wall plastering
Window edge finishing
Window edge finishing


Roofing work
Roofing work
Wall painting in the inpatient area
Wall painting in the inpatient area


Nurse station walls
Wall painting in nurse station
Operation theatre walls forming
Operation theatre walls forming


Floor tiling in inpatient area
Floor tiling in inpatient area

Floor-screed pouring


Manhole forming
Manhole forming
Rainwater collector slab reinforcement
Rainwater collector slab reinforcement


Week of 10 April 2023

Joyce reports that tiles are laid down – every tile represents the support we have received.


Week of 31 March 2023

Over the month, great progress has been made in several areas: plumbing, brick-laying, interior-wall plastering, theatre-wall reinforcement, lintel installation, building-slab preparation for concrete pouring, and tiling work on floors and walls.



interior wall plastering
Interior wall plastering
theatre wall reinforcing
Theatre-wall reinforcing


Lintel installation
Lintel installation
Building slab prep for concrete pouring
Building slab preparation for concrete pouring


Week of 20 March 2023

Joyce reports that the walls and ceiling are up, and the floor slabs are set.


Week of 20 February 2023

Work continues on painting, plumbing, brick-laying, and plastering of interior walls.

Cesspit wall brick-laying

Nurse’s station column and beam form removal


Garbage room wall painting

Theatre walls forming


Plastering of interior walls

Drone view of the site



Week of 1 February 2023

The main building foundation is complete, concrete pouring continues on the slab, work continues on the wall partitions.

Work on partitions continues

Wall partitions with spaces left for windows


Work on partitions continues

Plumbing works


Week of 30 January 2023

Joyce and Wendy report that the floor slab is all laid out and the plumbing is almost complete!


Week of 20 January 2023

Part of the solar panels, paint and bathroom tiles were delivered. The hangar erection is now 97% complete. Kitchen painting and bathroom tiling began, and work continued on the foundation for the main building and slab.

Building slab concrete pouring

Corridor concrete pouring


Public bathroom block

Layout for the brick elevation


Week of 7 January 2023

Work continues on the hangar and roof installation.

Hangar roofing works continue

Drone view of hangar and roof installation

Hangar and roof installation
Hangar and roof installation
Theatre wall reinforcement
Theatre wall reinforcement


Roofing works

Building slab backfilling and leveling


Theatre walls forming

Plumbing work


On 31 December 2022

On New Year’s Eve, Joyce reports that the roof is almost completed and the plumbing is on its way!


Week of 19 December 2022

Joyce’s reflection about growth and update on construction progress.


Week of 4 December 2022

Check out Joyce’s update on exciting progress here.


Week of 19 September 2022

Construction is progressing well and going full steam ahead to make up for lost time. Check out Joyce’s impromptu 1-minute tour of the construction site!


Eye Hospital Construction Ground-breaking Ceremony

On 28 July 2022, we were overjoyed to hold a groundbreaking ceremony to officially mark the start of the construction of our eye hospital. To watch the national news coverage and see more photos, please visit:  Ouesso Eye Hospital Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Honourable guests with shovels
Honourable guests attended the ceremony

The Prefét laid the foundation stone