Ouesso Eye Hospital Groundbreaking Ceremony

  Posted on August 21, 2022 by Phoebe Chan

It was huge day for New Sight on 28 July 2022! After multiple painful delays, we were finally able to gather together in person under the patronage of the Préfet (the governor) of La Sangha, Mr Gilbert Mouanda-Mouanda, the General Secretary of La Sangha, Ms Carolle Akondgo, the General Secretary of the Mayor Office, Mr Aime Momba, the Director of Health, Dr Faustin Kebele, as well as several dignitaries and local authorities, including a delegation from Fondation Congo Assistance led by their General Secretary, Mr Michel Mongo, to celebrate the official groundbreaking ceremony of our future eye hospital.

Remarks of the Préfet

Mr Gilbert Mouanda-Mouanda, the Préfet (the president’s representative) of La Sangha region, laid the foundation stone of our future hospital on the groundbreaking ceremony on 28 July in Ouesso. During this important section of the groundbreaking ceremony, the Préfet said, “I agree that the most important and fundamental organ of the body is the eye. I also agree that construction of this future eye hospital would be the pride, not only of the region of La Sangha, but also of the whole country of Congo, and perhaps even of the whole Central African region!” We are so delighted and blessed to have the support and trust of the Préfet! Doors are being opened for us to bring new sight, new life!

Speech of the Director of the Department of Health

We were honoured to have the Director of the Department of Health, Dr Faustin Kebele, attend and speak. In his speech, Dr Kebele said, “Healthcare services provided by New Sight continue to receive good testimonials [from the community]. The laying of the foundation stone for its future eye hospital today ensures continuity of these good healthcare services specialised for the eyes for our population!” We are honoured to be recognised as a trusted and reputable healthcare service provider for the community here!

Speech of the General Secretary of the Mayor’s Office

In his speech in the ground-breaking ceremony, Mr Aimé Momba, the general secretary of the mayor’s office said, “In the next few months, people suffering from eye problems will no longer need to go to Brazzaville or abroad for remedies for their eye diseases! The eye is considered the most vital organ of our body. The construction of New Sight hospital specialised in ophthalmology is a highly commendable operation. It will be a milestone in history of Ouesso, as it will solve an acute, crucial public health problem in our community, which our state has not had solution until now!” We appreciate the support of the mayor’s office and look forward to serving the community together.

Speech from Co-founder of New Sight Henri Samoutou

Henri Samoutou, co-founder of New Sight, delivered a speech full of gratitude for the past 10 years of New Sight serving in Congo, and hope for the future. “It is our delight to have the honour of your presence at the Ground-breaking ceremony of the future New Sight Eye Hospital. Today is a great day of celebration. Firstly, we are celebrating you and your teams – because of your important support, over the last 10 years, we have given the priceless gift of sight and changed thousands of lives through the work of New Sight in the Republic of Congo. On behalf of our patients and families, thank you for your valuable contribution. Secondly, we are celebrating that together, we will be able to bring more help when this hospital is built. We are celebrating the bright and hopeful future of our patients whose lives will be transformed right here at this site.”

He concluded, “New Sight is honoured to have served the Republic of Congo for the past ten years and is committed to developing its services and growing its impact with the partnership of the Congolese government and the communities. It is our hope that together, we can continue to smoothen our operations and increase our efficiency, which will in turn incentivise our donors to invest further in the country and enable us to deliver more help to our patients and community. New Sight in English means new sight. Today, let’s celebrate us coming together as a community to build medical facilities to give new sight, new hope, new life.”

Support and attendance of Fondation Congo Assistance

We are honoured to host the delegation from Fondation Congo Assistance (Congo Assistance Foundation) led by their General Secretary Mr Michel Mongo who travelled all the way from Brazzaville just for the Groundbreaking ceremony.

We are so touched and encouraged by their visit and kind words. As the Chinese saying goes, it is like they injected us with medicine to fortify the heart. We are so thankful for their important support and contribution.

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