June 2017 Newsletter

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 Hello from Congo!  從剛果捎來的祝福﹗

We are still in shock over the overwhelming support that we received during our March tour to Hong Kong and Singapore.  As our events sold out one after another, our jaws kept dropping!  


New Sight Fundraising Dinner

We had to keep moving to bigger venues and adding more dates.  The grand finale was a family concert.  When the 350-seater recital hall sold out, we moved to the 1000-seat auditorium.  We were concerned that it might look half empty.  To our amazement, it also sold out!   We are so humbled!  It was a great celebration of what extraordinary things a community of ordinary people, from the young to the old, can do together.  Special thanks to the incredible band of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this tour possible.  

從一個場地換到另一個更大的場地;從一場加開到兩、三場……最後以一個親子音樂會劃上圓滿的句號。當可以容納350人的音樂廳滿座,我們便換到可以容納1000人的演奏廳。那時我們也有點兒忐忑,擔心觀眾席最後只能半滿。但出乎意外地,竟然又爆滿了﹗我們真的有點受寵若驚﹗那天是屬於平凡人的慶典 – 慶祝各人不分年齡、眾志成城的豐碩成果。在此,特別感謝一眾不可多得的義工,有賴他們的不懈努力,這趟旅程才能成真。

Family Concert for New Sight

For those of you who we have not yet had the privilege to connect with, we have several amazing pieces of news to share.  If you have already heard some of them, the news are so good that they are worth repeating!  Here they are in (in no particular order): 


Women of Hope Award 2017

Joyce has won the Women of Hope in the health advocate category!  At the award ceremony, she has a special message for you.  Watch the 1-minute video here. 

凱欣在Women of Hope Award 2017選舉的「健康倡導者」項目中勝出﹗ 在頒獎典禮上,凱欣有個特別的信息想告知大家。點擊這裡,收看1分鐘的短片

Women of Hope Award

Kindness Inspiring Kindness

Your kindness is inspiring kindness

The stories of our patients never cease to amaze us.  Leon was cured from leprosy and was blind until we operated on him a few months ago.  Nowadays, it seems that he is always smiling, and it seems that he is always in the hospital helping other patients. Here he is feeding one of our other patients who is suffering from severe burns to both hands and is unable to feed herself.



Ouesso Project

New Sight launches New Sight Eye Hospital project in the new location of Ouesso!

To find out more, you can read our newsletter or watch a short video here.



Creation TV Interview

New Sight was recently featured by newspapers and TV. 

You can watch the Creation TV feature in Cantonese here.



A generous anonymous supporter will match every donation made to New Sight from any corner of the world, dollar for dollar, up to USD$1.25 Million! If you’d like to give to this meaningful project that will literally change lives, you can donate here.

一位匿名支持者願意為目養計劃作「配對捐款」- 不論處身世上任何角落,你捐出1元,他便會同樣捐出1元,直到他的總捐款額達到125萬美元為止﹗如果您有意捐款支持這個能真切改變生命的善工,請點擊這裡

Your gift will be automatically doubled! 你的捐款將會自動倍增!


We hope that you will enjoy our latest newsletter (English Version / Chinese Version).
Thank you so much again for empowering us to serve.  We cannot wait to see what more we can do together.

希望大家享受閱讀最新一期的通訊(英文版 / 中文版) 。

Love and blessings,
Joyce and Henri

送上愛和祝福的  凱欣、安理

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