10th Birthday Party Videos

  Posted on July 7, 2022 by Phoebe Chan

We share our raw and unedited videos of our 10th Birthday Party to show you the spontaneous and joyful celebrations at the future Interim Surgical Centre of New Sight Eye Care, at Ouesso, Congo. Happy 10th Anniversary, New Sight!

Part 1 of 8

The celebrations begin with cheers from the security team, the housekeeping team, the administration team, the construction engineer, clinical team, and the students. The students lead everyone in a joyful 10th anniversary song and dance called “Elonga” (Victory).

Part 2 of 8

Joyce and Henri interview some of our team: Spencer our site engineer, Sabin our Ouesso agent, and Wendy our volunteer. Question 1: Tell us a bit about yourself. Question 2: Share one special moment you experienced with New Sight.

Part 3 of 8

The interviews continue with Question 3: If you could have any superpower to help with living in Congo, what would you choose?

Part 4 of 8

The students and staff sing and dance to “Elikia” which means “hope” in Lingala – and everyone gets to do their own dance!

Part 5 of 8

What is it like living in Congo for 10 years? The Three Musketeers answer your questions.

Part 6 of 8

Here’s the first live vlog of Congolese food! Wendy, Annita and Patrick introduce the feast of local foods and drinks.

Part 7 of 8

Henri and Joyce talk about their Top 10 Experiences in the 10 years of New Sight: top 10 funniest moments, top 10 of divine provisions, top 10 scary moments, top 10 lessons, top 10 everything!

Part 8 of 8

Present time! Joyce, Henri, Orchidee and Esperence show you all the presents that our supporters have given to New Sight these 10 years, finishing up with singing “Happy Birthday” and a big “Thank you” and “Merci”!

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