Irene Tse’s HK100 Flex 2021 trail run

  Posted on December 31, 2020 by admin

Keep hope alive in 2021 and help restore sight of children and patients in a deprived world

To all dear friends and family,

Please support my 103 km hike in Hong Kong from Sai Kung to Tai Mo Shan to raise funds for the construction of a new eye hospital in Ouesso, the Republic of Congo. All the funds raised will go to New Sight Eye Care, a registered charitable organization.

There can be a million reasons why I do this but I just need one here – Do it when I can. Keep hope alive in 2021. And I hope you won’t hesitate to join me and extend your helping hand by making a donation to New Sight Eye Care.

The background story: Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong, my high-school classmate, and her husband Henri Samoutou’s charity New Sight Eye Care has already helped more than 10,000 patients in Africa to restore eyesight through a small eye clinic. Invited and supported by the local authorities, Joyce and Henri are building their first eye hospital in a new, strategic location called Ouesso, to treat patients from Congo and neighbouring countries. To multiply their positive impact in a sustainable way, this new Ouesso Eye Hospital will have a teaching facility to train local medical workers. Knowing the challenges posed to charities and fundraising during the pandemic, I would like you to join me to contribute however small or large gifts as we can, to help New Sight continue bringing hope to Congo.

I am an amateur to trail-running but I have been undergoing some training. This HK100 Flex is not a competition but a call to everyone to continue to train/run/hike to stay fit and strong despite these difficult times. My goal is to complete the full 103 km in one go within the official limit of 32 hours, regardless of the weather. Your support and generosity will be the strongest fuel and encouragement to me!

Together, we've raised more than HKD$64,200.00 so far for this campaign!

Please also encourage your friends, families and our common friends – those with a big heart – to support this good cause.

  • For HKD donations and Hong Kong receipts, please go to below form.
  • For GBP donations and UK receipts, please go to this page.
  • For USD donations and US receipts, please visit New Sight’s US donation page, and drop me an email that you’ve supported this fundraiser!


Thank you!



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