Interview with Jean-Marc and Ruth Dunys

  Posted on November 4, 2019 by Phoebe Chan

We are privileged to have Jean-Marc and Ruth serve with the Ouesso Pioneers. This is their interview right before they left England for Congo.


Tell us about yourselves.

Jean-Marc: My name is Jean-Marc Dunys. I am an IT Consultant by trade with more than 30 years’ experience filling many different roles. Outside of work my wife and I worked as assistant pastors in a new church in France and were involved in children ministry in different countries for many years.

Ruth: My name is Ruth Dunys. I became a teacher many years ago, once my children were in their teens. I teach languages — French and Spanish — but I also have taught small primary classes sometimes.


Where are you from?

Jean-Marc: I am French but I have lived abroad since my late teens, when I went to the south of England to study in a bible college.

Ruth: I am British and my dad was Indian, so I have dual heritage, although I mainly grew up in an English environment. When I was 18, I went to work for our sister church in Spain and since then, I lived in different countries with Jean-Marc.


Where were you before in the mission field? 

Ruth: We were sent by our local church in England to help with planting a new site near Paris. We also lived in California. Wherever we went we served the local church where we were.

Jean-Marc: In 2013 we went to Accra, Ghana, to teach in an international school run as a mission, and help the local church there, where we headed the children ministry which mainly comprised local ‘street’ kids.


What are your roles in New Sight? 

Ruth: I am going to teach the missionary children and hope to learn new medical and administrative skills along the way to help in every way I can.

Jean-Marc: I am going as the Admin Director and will endeavour to support administratively the mission in every way possible. I am hoping I can be of assistance to Henri during his travels.


What are looking forward to? 

Jean-Marc: The heat, community life, the mission itself, travelling with Henri and helping, the African life.

Ruth: Working for the mission, interacting with the locals, the simpler life.


What will you miss?

Ruth: We will miss our grandchildren but hopefully the Internet is good enough for FaceTime.

Jean-Marc: I will miss our walks to the local park.


What do you like to do in your spare time?  

Ruth: I like cycling. I hope I can do lot of cycling there.

Jean-Marc: I like playing music and making songs. Joyce told us that there are musical instruments in Ouesso, so I am in a happy place.

Any prayer requests?

Jean-Marc: At this time, we ask for God to help us with the journey itself — that it would be event-free and restful.

Ruth: Yes, may the luggage arrive with us.

The luggage didn’t arrive with Jean-Marc and Ruth right away, but our Superman’s and Mary Poppins’ resilience and faith really inspired us all!


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