Joy in the Whirlwind

  Posted on March 5, 2024 by Phoebe Chan


New Sight News – March 2024

Hello from Congo! We so hope you are well! We are very sorry for the long overdue newsletter, but you will be happy to know that the reason for this e-silence is that our team has been working in turbo mode round-the-clock, and the progress has been truly EXTRAORDINARY! While we wait to share more about all the incredible developments in our next newsletter, we are excited to tell you that the structure of our future hospital is 100% complete, and that its interior is 85% complete! The construction company informed us that in just a matter of months, the building will be ready for our four short-term mission teams to come from USA, Canada and Hong Kong to help us set up our new ‘home’ throughout the summer. It will truly be a dream come true to move into our new facilities by the end of the year!


These days, our brains and bodies are spinning. The days are long yet full of joy as we continue to run our interim eye centre, doing surgery, making glasses, training interns; they are regularly infused by the energy and laughter of the children who we work with at the 30+ schools in Ouesso. Our epic North American trip only a few months ago (12 cities, >27 churches and organisations, 53 speaking engagements) already feels like the distant past, but the memories and support we received continue to fill us with immense fondness and gratitude.



Before we go, we’d like to invite you to a sneak-peek at our soon-to be new hospital. Like every new home, we have now entered a new and exciting phase of the construction project – SHOPPING for things to go inside our new home! Please join us on our crazy shopping spree and help us set up and move in:

We are going to have so much fun getting to the finishing line together! Thank you so much again and again for empowering us to make such an impact in our community!

Love from Congo,

Joyce and Henri


PS We have shared a video about our 2023 highlights on social media. It features original music written and performed by our very own interns! In case you have yet to see it, here it is Let’s celebrate what we have been able to accomplish together! And to think that the best is yet to come! WOW!

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