Visit of the Prefet and Guests to Interim Eye Centre and Interim Surgical Centre

  Posted on August 28, 2022 by Phoebe Chan

Visit of Guests to Interim Eye Centre and Interim Surgical Centre

Our groundbreaking ceremony ended with government officials, delegation from Fondation Congo Assistance, local leaders and other dignitaries, as well as the press making their way from the construction site of our future hospital to the site of our current operations. We were honoured to take them on a special tour of our Interim Eye Centre with the adjoining Interim Surgical Centre that will be opening soon! There were several audible ‘wows’, visible nods and signs of approval as they toured the facilities and learnt about our operations. Several could not believe how affordable our non-profit services were and how we could make glasses locally. Some returned to our clinic first thing the following morning as patients, and even brought family with them!

Visit of Préfet to Interim Eye Centre and Interim Surgical Centre

A few days after the ceremony, the Préfet (the governor) of La Sangha, Mr Gilbert Mouanda-Mouanda, visited our Interim Eye Centre and the soon-to-open Interim Surgical Centre. Henri, Joyce and our staff Sabin brought him to each area and explained how our services, equipment and medicines can help the community, for which he was very supportive. We’re thankful that his visit went well and grateful for the encouragement and support he represents!

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