Interview with Jean-Pierre and Virginia Vandevoorde

  Posted on November 4, 2019 by Phoebe Chan

The Vandevoordes are devoting 6 months to serve with the Ouesso Pioneers, and we’re so privileged to have them with us. This is their interview right before they left Canada for Congo.


Where are you from?

Jean-Pierre (JP): I was born in Belgium.

Virginia (Ginny): I was born in western Canada and this year we will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary in Congo. We now have lived in French Canada for the last 24 years.


Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

JP: I am a pastor and a carpenter. I love to teach and preach God’s Word and at the same time, love to help people with their household renovations or repairs or anything. We have 6 children and 19 grandchildren.

Ginny: I spent most of her time being a full-time mom and helping with Sunday school, pastoral visits with Jean Pierre.


Where were you before in the mission field? 

Ginny: We started serving God immediately after we were married as church planters in Jean-Pierre’s native country.

JP: Before becoming a pastor I had studied carpentry, cabinet-making and architecture. After planting 2 churches in Belgium, I became the director/manager of a Christian camp in Belgium where I built a 3-storey dormitory with the help of many volunteer teams. We spent 4 years in Impfondo, Congo, and I was chaplain and head of carpentry, masonry, and construction work, as well as teaching at the Bible school in my spare time.

Ginny: Since we have retired we have helped in churches in need of a pastor. We have gone on several mission trips teaching leadership and we have done some construction in Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Belgium.


What are your roles in New Sight? 

JP: I will be supervising the construction of the New Sight hospital in Ouesso for 6 months. Please pray for someone to come help after our 6 months.

Ginny: I hope to be of help to Joyce in the guest house or wherever I can help, writing letters, translating, sew and do needlework and mending. I am people-oriented and love to welcome people and make them feel comfortable.


What will you miss while in Congo?

JP: We will miss our children and grandchildren while we’re gone.

Ginny: Our most recent grandchildren from two of our daughters are 2-year-old Lilianna adopted from China recently, and baby Leo, born in January.


Please share your prayer requests with us:

JP and Ginny:

– That the Lord will help in a smooth and effective beginning of the construction.

– Good communication between the team and the contractor.

– Someone to replace Jean-Pierre after 6 months.

– For funds to finish the hospital.

– That the Lord will show Ginny her role in helping.

– For unity in the team.


Thank you, Ginny and Jean-Pierre! 

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