A Doctor’s Thoughts on COVID-19

  Posted on April 10, 2020

Standard Coronavirus guidelines are difficult to implement in developing nations. Innovative solutions that can be applied locally are required for the world to end this pandemic Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong I am a missionary doctor from Hong Kong and Britain serving... View Article

David et son rêve – Dramatisation pour la radio 

  Posted on April 4, 2020

Karis Samoutou, 9 ans, a créé l’histoire et a écrit ce scénario original avec sa soeur Cherissa et son frère Ezra. La famille l’a enregistré pendant le confinement et le distribuera aux stations de radio afin de diffuser des informations... View Article

Statement on COVID-19 (Update) – 2 April 2020

  Posted on April 2, 2020

As of 31 March, the Republic of Congo (‘Congo’) has 22 confirmed cases and 2 deaths. Cameroon, which borders with Ouesso, the town that the New Sight team is based, has 139 cases and 6 deaths. Over the past weeks,... View Article

19 Questions on COVID-19 – True or False?

  Posted on March 26, 2020

Please note that this was written specifically for Ouesso, Republic of Congo. As every area has different resources and guidelines, please feel free to adapt it to fit your country and setting better. Skip to English “19 Questions on COVID-19... View Article

Coronavirus Awareness – interview on Radio Maria

  Posted on March 26, 2020

Dr Joyce Samoutou-Wong a été heureuse d’être interviewée sur Radio Maria avec l’animateur Mr Brunel Koumou le 23 mars 2020. L’interview est en français pour s’assurer que les auditeurs de la République du Congo et d’autres pays francophones puissent s’informer... View Article