September 2016 Newsletter

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Do you know these flags?  That’s right, neither of these are Congolese flags.  So, what are the Singapore and Hong Kong flags doing here?

EXCITING NEWS!  Joyce and Henri are planning to visit Hong Kong and Singapore for about 3 weeks around February / March time 2017!  It will have been 3 years since Joyce was last in HK, and it will be the first time that New Sight makes it to Singapore!  We can’t wait to celebrate with you all the incredible things that we have been able to achieve together.  We are also looking forward to sharing with you the launch of a SUPER-EXCITING NEW SEASON.  Join us as we step up to deliver more help for more patients and their families!  The needs are great, and we believe that together as we grow and expand, we can make an even bigger impact!
During our past visits, we were honoured on a variety of occasions such as

  • Dinners, concerts, youth, children events and other functions with personal invitations to friends and families
  • Staff of businesses, retail chains, investment and high street banks (even with dial-ins from abroad!)
  • Churches, mission festivals, parents and fellowship groups
  • Institutes of education from current students to alumni, from parents to staff; from nursery all the way to universities
  • Royal Geographical Society, Rotary clubs and other interest groups / clubs / foundations
  • Hospitals, Medical students / Doctors’ association, Christian medical fellowships
  • Look at your diaries for Feb / Mar 2017.  Can New Sight be part of your already existing schedule?  For example is there a meeting where you can invite us to join you?  Can you create an event for us to be a part of?
  • Would you, or someone you know, like to meet us to help us raise support and funds for New Sight?
  • Would you be able to help us find accommodation in Hong Kong and Singapore?
  • ‘Like’ our facebook page or follow us on twitter @newsightcongo so that you can be updated on the latest news and events, and on how you can get involved!

To note your interest, make an enquiry or book Joyce and Henri, please email info@newsightcongo.com or fill in the contact form http://www.newsightcongo.com/contact
Until then, sit back and enjoy our latest newsletter below.  This issue is dedicated to all the superheroes that make New Sight possible.   We are so humbled and grateful to all our donors, volunteers and unsung heroes!  Let us begin our thanks with YOU!  Thank you for cheering us on! Thank you http://www.newsightcongo.com/contactfor empowering us!

Love from the Congo jungle,
Joyce and Henri  

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