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New Sight News – June 2024

If you have been following us on social media, you will know that in April, we celebrated THREE anniversaries: New Sight’s 12th anniversary, Joyce and Henri’s 20th wedding anniversary as well as their 32nd baptism anniversary. Looking back has been so fun and heartwarming that we thought we would do a bit more of that in this newsletter! In fact, we have had so much going on that we have a lot of catching up to do. So, without further ado, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane together!



Construction update

We are so nearly there! Our structure is 100% complete and passed the technical inspection by the government’s Department of Construction and Urban Development! In April, a team from South Africa and a team from southern Congo came to connect the inverter, battery, and solar system – watch this reel: Construction update: Power. They didn’t speak each other’s language, but they worked together. There were several hiccups along the way, and even at 9 pm, the night before they were due to leave, we did not know if they would succeed. They fought on, and here is a video of the triumphant moment when the batteries finally started charging and they burst into a song of victory Song of Victory in the Power Room together!

What’s more, Joyce was excited to share the construction update about the coming of spring: Construction update: Spring

In the third quarter of 2023, the construction team worked on the installation of air-conditioning, fibreglass and plasterboard, internal windows, handrails, mosquito nets and frames. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the team concentrated on road work, setting up the fences, excavating and installing canals, and installing a chimney for generator. For details and more photos, visit the Construction update page.

We experienced some delay in the completion of our build as we needed to fix the ceiling that was leaking as well as wait for two containers to arrive. We are over the moon to announce that these two all-important containers have finally made it to Congo! We are hopeful that our trusty contractors can finish by July so that we can start to set up and move in by the end of this year!

Captions: Container ready to load in Foshan, China; container arrived in Ouesso, Congo and being unloaded by happy workers; container packed with construction supplies including doors in Foshan; doors from the container unloaded in Pointe Noire





More and more happy patients!

In 2023, we conducted 3,387 patient consultations, which continued our 20% year on year growth over the past few years. Between July 2023 to March 2024, we received feedback from 303 patients: 100% gave positive feedback about the service they received at our clinic. Here are some of the things that our happy patients had to say:

  • ‘It is truly exceptional.’
  • ‘It is very clean here and we are very comfortable.’
  • ‘I am very happy with your service.’
  • ‘I think everything is better here, and the reception is so good. So I’d say there’s nothing to complain about. I say thank you to the whole team.’
  • The clinic is a blessing for those of us who suffer from eye problems. Before I was afraid of the state of my eyes, but after the consultation I am no longer afraid, and I am satisfied.

Caption: One of our surgical patients, Bernadette, received cataract surgery in her right eye, and recovered her sight.

Françoise had a foreign body removed from her eye at our clinic and now recovered. She told us that her husband had a terrible eye accident a while ago. She was very thankful that New Sight treated him, and he is now all better! We are happy that we were able to help this couple in time.

Caption: Francoise, who has recovered her sight after treatment, in a photo with Joyce

A special thank you to Ghislain, the nurse New Sight trained in Impfondo, who travelled to Ouesso to help run the eye centre when Joyce and Henri were abroad.

Ghislain with the Samoutou family in Ouesso



Congratulations to our students!

Our students completed the practical component of their course in July 2023 with a ceremony followed by a celebratory meal with their guests. They completed their trial work contracts in January 2024 and continue to learn and work as interns to serve the community. To see more photos, please visit: Ceremony for completion of student practicals.

Captions: Henri with the students at the ceremony; everyone at celebratory meal together



Hong Kong and China Research Trip

In September 2023, Joyce and Henri went on a flying visit to Hong Kong to visit and learn from clinics and hospitals, as well as meet medical suppliers to research and prepare for the opening of our new hospital. Henri also attended the Hunan Ophthalmology Conference in China with one of our board members, ophthalmologist Dr Alan Ng, to learn about and research on eye medical equipment from the convention and exhibition.

Captions: Joyce and Henri visiting Hong Kong to meet medical suppliers and learn from clinics and hospitals; Henri and Alan at CCOS conference and exhibition




North America Tour

Joyce and Henri have been amazed by the faithful and inspiring people they had the privilege and pleasure of meeting in Canada and the USA in the last quarter of 2023. They were invited to the Forbes Philanthropy Summit in New York, represented New Sight at the Global Health and Missions Conference (GMHC) in Louisville, Kentucky, and spoke 53 times and visited over 27 churches and organisations in 12 cities. They were so wonderfully hosted, driven, fed, cared for, and cheered on by so many of you. Thank you so much! We know that without the worldwide New Sight family, we cannot do what we do.

Captions: Photos from churches, organisations and locations in 12 cities in USA and Canada



Support from the Minister of Health, the Préfet of La Sangha and Government Officials

Over the past months, we were honoured to meet with several government officials. We had meetings with the Minister of Health, Gilbert Mokoki, in the capital Brazzaville and with the new Préfet for the La Sangha region, Edouard Denis Okouya, in Ouesso. We also welcomed Dr Felicite Dolama, the Director of Health of the La Sangha region, Dr Dieudonné Okemou, Director General of Hospitals, and his team from Brazzaville to our Interim Eye and Surgical Centre and the construction site of our future hospital. We are humbled by their very generous comments and look forward to our continual partnership to better serve the needs of Congo.

Captions: Meetings with local authorities – with the Minister of Health, Gilbert Mokoki; with the new Préfet for the La Sangha region, Edouard Denis Okouya; the Director of Health of the La Sangha region, Dr Felicite Dolama; Director General of Hospitals, Dr Dieudonné Okemou, and his team




Sing for joy!

At the invitation of Hong Kong Interschool Choral Festival (HKISF), we organised our own children’s choir to join 60+ Hong Kong school choirs in the 2024 Virtual Choir Project. The theme song “Love’s Boundless Flight” was composed by renowned jazz pianist Ms. Joyce Cheung, especially for this project with New Sight. The lively piece starts with an Afro-rhythmic melody, symbolising the connection with Africa, delivering love and care across geographical boundaries. The virtual choir connects different cultures with music and enriches the learning experience of the students. Our choir, our Congo team, Ezra, Karis, Wendy and Spencer, all poured their hearts into the song rehearsal and video recording. The project premiere will be held in the summer, stay tuned!

Captions: Karis taking the video in the stadium; Ezra shooting the dancing students; the choir singing on the staircase; drone photo of the choir in the stadium




Amazing support from Hong Kong

Thanks to Union Church for hosting us at their mission fair, where we had a booth next to other NGOs serving Hong Kong and beyond – our team member Stephanie created cute potholders and potted plants for a special Christmas sale.

We would like to thank Diocesan Girls’ School and Diocesan Girls’ Junior School for once again having us at their Mini Bazaar and their guidance and support. Our team of volunteers can share the wonderful message of Project Two Front Teeth via our “Making Way for Sight” 2024 Calendars!

The Little Pianists held a piano competition among their students and fundraised for New Sight! We can’t thank them enough for the continued support.

More recently, New Sight was the beneficiary of Victoria (Belcher) Kindergarten’s fundraising class activity, “Little Inventors” of the K3A1ampm class. The participants made drawings of inventions that would make a better future for the world and generated donations for their efforts. We wish to send them our deepest thanks.

Captions: Clockwise from left: The DGS and DGJS Mini Bazaar; Union Church Mission Fair; Little Pianists piano competition poster; Victoria (Belcher) Kindergarten fundraising activity; potted plants and plantholders at Union Church



You are needed! Jobs and Short-term Opportunities

We are honoured and excited to announce that we have several mission teams each comprising of 8 to 12 volunteers who are planning to come to Congo to help! They will be coming from USA, Canada and Hong Kong. Please pray for them and for us who are busy preparing for their grand arrival!

As we plan for the opening of the eye block of our hospital in 2024, we need great people to serve with us in Congo, in medical and non-medical roles, at salaried and volunteer positions. Interested? Take a look at our website and get in touch with!


Shopping Spree

To move into our new facilities, we have been busy shopping and shipping! We need you to help us get this hospital ready to receive our first patients! You can read more about it here and see how you can help: NEW HOME COMING SOOOOOOON!.

Caption: Fitting out items needed for our new place



Anniversaries Galore

We hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane with us! To end our tour, here are two one-minute reel videos celebrating #12yearsofnewsight and 20 years of Joyce and Henri!


To check out more details and photos, visit: April – the month of endless parties!. If you would like to show your support, please consider donating at our shopping for our hospital campaign mentioned above: “NEW HOME… COMING SOOOOOOOOON! Your gift will go directly to help our patients and community here in Congo.



The best part about going down memory lane is running into friends like you! Thank you so much for all your support throughout the years. We cannot wait to create more memories and make an even bigger difference with you!


Love and blessings,

The New Sight Team, Joyce and Henri

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