Partnering with schools and the 7th Issue

  Posted on June 30, 2023 by Phoebe Chan

The 7th edition of our children’s magazine was distributed since April this year. We were excited to announce our first drawing competition while distributing the magazines to our 30 school partners. The theme is ‘My dream, my future’. All children in Ouesso are welcome to join. We are looking forward to seeing children’s dreams in this beautiful town.

These are some of the schools we are partnering with, and our team and volunteers spent some time with the class and the teachers and explained the contents of the 7th issue and the drawing competition.

  1. Complexe Scolaire ByBocasses Héritier
  2. Complexe Scolaire Evangelique Daniel Bokangue
  3. Ecole du Parti – Djambo
  4. Ecole Horizon Meya
  5. Ecole Initiation
  6. Ecole La Sangha
  7. Ecole Le Bon Berger
  8. Ecole Le Printemps
  9. Ecole Les Cadres de Demain
  10. Ecole Mboma
  11. Ecole Ndjombo
  12. Ecole Notre Dame des Anges
  13. Ecole Primaire Bokouaye
  14. Ecole Primaire La Sangha
  15. Ecole Primaire Les Aiglons
  16. Ecole Primaire Les Vainqueurs
  17. Ecole Primaire Mambeke Dzika
  18. Ecole Primaire Mambake Mboko
  19. Ecole Primaire Milandou
  20. Ecole Saint Jean Denis
  21. Ecole Vol d’Oiseau
  22. Ecole Gemitseruja, Pointe Noire
  23. Ecole Priveé Mémé Louise, Pointe Noire

And many more distribution points in Brazzaville, Impfondo, Pointe Noire, and Pokola, and new points at Mouale and Betou. We want to share some photo highlights below.


Complexe Scolaire ByBocasses Héritier

Complexe Scolaire Evangelique Daniel Bokangue

Ecole du parti – Djambo

Ecole Initiation

Ecole Mboma

Ecole Ndjombo

Ecole Primaire Bokouaye

Ecole Primaire La Sangha

Ecole Primaire Milandou – Mr Arel’s class

Ecole Primaire Milandou – Madame Ortance’s class

Ecole Milandou Mme Ortance class

Ecole Saint Jean Denis


Ecole Les Cadres de Demain

Ecole Le Bon Berger

Ecole Le Bon Berger

Ecole Notre Dame des Anges

Ecole Vol d’Oiseau

Ecole Gemitseruja, Pointe Noire

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