Children’s Magazine 6th Issue – our biggest issue yet!

  Posted on March 31, 2023 by Phoebe Chan

The 6th issue of the children’s magazine has arrived! It’s our biggest issue yet! It was given out in January to March this year, to over 18,000 children! Well done, every volunteer and team member involved, both kids and adults included! It was the first time for our volunteer Karen to join the distribution.

New schools we have approached this time were Ecole Bethanie Celeste in Ouesso, Ecole de Lombo in Lopola, Ecole Le Printemps in Pokola, Ecole Okomba Mystére, Makoua. Our magazines have also reached orphanages at Pointe Noire.

These are some of the schools we have visited, to meet the children and teachers and spend some time with them while delivering the magazines.

  1. Complexe Scolaire ByBocasses Héritier
  2. Complexe Scolaire Evangelique Daniel Bokangue
  3. Ecole Bethanie Celeste
  4. Ecole de Lombo
  5. Ecole du Parti – Djambo
  6. Ecole Emile Verhill
  7. Ecole Horizon Meya
  8. Ecole Initiation
  9. Ecole Jesus Ressuscité
  10. Ecole La Sangha
  11. Ecole Le Bon Berger
  12. Ecole Le Printemps
  13. Ecole Les Cadres de Demain
  14. Ecole Maria
  15. Ecole Mboma
  16. Ecole Notre Dame des Anges
  17. Ecole Primaire Bokouaye
  18. Ecole Primaire Les Aiglons
  19. Ecole Primaire Les Vainqueurs
  20. Ecole Primaire Mambeke Dzika
  21. Ecole Primaire Mambake Mboko
  22. Ecole Primaire Milandou
  23. Ecole Primaire Saint Pierre Claver
  24. Ecole Saint Denis
  25. Ecole Vol D’oiseau
  26. Ecole Okomba Mystére
  27. Institut Henri Lopes
  28. Complexe Scolaire les Oliviers


Ecole Notre Dame Des Anges


Ecole Bokangue


Ecole Bethanie Celeste

Ecole du parti – Djambo

Ecole Djambo twin girl students

Ecole catholiques

Ecole catholiques

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