Children’s Magazine 4th Issue – first time in colour!

  Posted on July 15, 2022 by Phoebe Chan

Thanks to our generous supporters, we have been visiting schools to give the children our very first colour issue of the magazine!

The magazines have been so popular in Congo and have provided amazing opportunities for the New Sight team to share with children all over Ouesso, as well as other towns and cities, including Brazzaville, Oyo, Impfondo and Pointe Noire. We will have distributed over 30,000 children’s magazine in total, of which 10,000 are our fourth issue, and a projected readership of 12,000. Our fourth edition has been distributed in 17 schools so far and the number is still increasing.

Our volunteer Wendy who has been so instrumental to expanding our magazines’ reach has also presented our children’s magazines report to the Department Director of Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education and Literacy, who expressed support for our efforts.

These are some of the schools and churches we have visited, to meet the children and teachers and spend some time with them while delivering the magazines.

  1. Ecole Bokouaye
  2. Ecole Daniel Bokangue
  3. Ecole Divine
  4. Ecole Djaka
  5. Ecole Horizon Meya
  6. Ecole Initiation
  7. Ecole La Sangha
  8. Ecole Le Bon Berger
  9. Ecole Les Aiglons
  10. Ecole Les Cadres de Demain
  11. Ecole Mambeke
  12. Ecole Mboma
  13. Ecole Milandou
  14. Ecole Ndjombo
  15. Ecole Notre Dame des Anges
  16. Ecole Saint Denis
  17. Ecole St Pierre Claver


Ecole Bokouaye

Ecole Daniel Bokangue

Raising hands at Ecole Daniel Bokangue

Ecole Divine

Ecole Djaka

Ecole Horizon Meya

Ecole Horizon boy draws on blackboard

Ecole Initiation

Ecole La Sangha

Ecole Le Bon Berger

Ecole Les Aiglons

Ecole Les Cadres de Demain

Ecole Mambeke

Ecole Mboma

Ecole Milandou

Ecole Ndjombo

Ecole Notre Dame des Anges

Ecole Saint Denis

Ecole St Pierre Claver

Eglise Chrisco

Teen girl reading magazine at Eglise Chrisco
Teen boys in Eglise Chrisco reading magazine

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