The Ouesso Training School’s first graduation ceremony

  Posted on August 5, 2021 by Phoebe Chan

Our proudest moment came in March this year, when the New Sight Training School in Ouesso held its first-ever graduation ceremony for the 10 students completing the theory component of the training course. The students had started the course in January 2020, paused during lockdown, and resumed in late June. Finally, they took their exams this year in the usual classroom and completed the stage.

The graduation ceremony was held outdoors in the humble yard of the eye centre compound, where amid much sweating in formal clothes and shouts of the children, the staff Siko Bambemba, Delphine Bambemba, Henri Samoutou, and Sabin Ngouloubi, took turns speaking, encouraging and praying for the graduates while site engineer Spencer Lherisson took the video and photos. The students brought their family members to witness this beautiful occasion, and each spoke briefly to thank New Sight and their supporters. See the highlight video below.


Our 10 graduates where presented with certificates

Our graduates with teaching staff, their families and friends

The elated staff pose together after the ceremony

Student feedback highlighted the strengths of the programme.

“All the teachers gave their best to offer us a high level of knowledge and that allowed us to acquire a good knowledge.”

“I learned so much during the training, even things I was totally unaware of, New Sight taught me how to be loyal, how to be punctual, accountability and respect.”

“For me it was a little suspicious at first that people train you without asking for anything, I thought that the training would stop but to my great surprise I learned like never before …. New Sight contributed to a big part of my life … I thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart … I can’t do anything for you but God will remember you.”

Six of the students have been invited back to continue their training and further their practical skills.

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