Light Up Congo Documentary

  Posted on March 7, 2023 by Phoebe Chan

In 2016, the i-Cable Hong Kong film crew visited New Sight Eye Care in Republic of Congo and produced a 5-part short documentary, called “Light Up Congo”.


Episode 1 – The Beam of Hope

Witness with the film crew how New Sight is restoring sight and changing lives in Congo. Meet Louise who used to be blind but can now see again after her operation. Accompany her to her home from the hospital and share her joy as she sees her children and grandchildren again.


Episode 2 – Love at the Equator

The story of how Joyce and Henri met and came to pioneer a non-profit eye centre in Congo. It also tells the touching story of how they received the support, finances and medical equipment that were necessary to help the blind leave their world of darkness.


Episode 3 – Heart for a Distant Land

The medical team travels to a rural village for screening and eye health education. Follow Joyce and Henri as they visit former patient Boniface, and see how he got the chance to admire his beautiful wife again!


Episode 4 – Joy and Sorrow

This episode takes an intimate look at how Joyce adapted to life in Congo. Meet her three adorable children and see the sacrifices that the family has had to make.


Episode 5 – When Hope Blossoms

Follow the formerly blind indigenous forest man (the politically incorrect term is “Pygmy”) as he takes us into the heart of the fascinating jungle. This episode also looks at how Joyce and Henri are passionate about training and empowering the local community.



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