Sending Party, Family Fun Fair & Christmas Gifts

  Posted on December 11, 2018 by Phoebe Chan


Thanks to your support, we have had the most productive time in Hong Kong. Here are a few of the many things that we are celebrating:

  • New Sight has helped more than 10,000 patients to date in Congo!
  • Our first eye centre in Impfondo has been self-sufficient since we handed it over to the locals who we trained! It continues to serve as the much-needed and only eye surgical centre in northern Congo. 
patient mosaic
  • For our 4 main goals for our temporary relocation to Hong Kong: 
  1. We have raised HK$40 million of the estimated HK$55 million in construction cost. Special thank you to all the brains and hands behind our last heart-warming fundraising event at Metta on 24 November. We continue to seek funding to close the gap. A naming right list is available upon request 
  2. We have completed and translated all the design drawings, and are expecting tender bids to return any time now so that we can commence construction early next year
  3. We have collected nearly 4 containers of donated furniture and equipment in our donated storage space
  4. We now have an incredible core team of volunteers and pro-bono workers along with one full-time and one part-time staff
  • By August 2019, we anticipate a growing team of 10 expat adults and 7 children to work with and train up the local community at our new greenfield location of Ouesso!
  • The local authority and hospital have reaffirmed their ongoing support. While we wait for our new hospital to be constructed, we can start consultations, training and screening programs from the local hospital.


Sending Party and Family Fun Fair

Family Fun Fair invitation

We would love to say goodbye and thank you as we enjoy a family fun fair together before we leave Hong Kong this month. Your support is a lifeline to us when times get tough and lonely in the Congo jungle. Please drop by any time THIS SUNDAY 16 Dec 3-6pm! For more details, please visit the sending party webpage.


Christmas Shopping

Ezra, Karis and their little friends have created Doggies for Sight Calendar 2019. Their first batch has sold out like hot cakes, but fear not, we have just received reprints! The calendars make the perfect Christmas presents and stocking fillers, with 100% of proceeds going to New Sight. Buy your copies from the comfort of your own home at our Doggies for Sight webpage. At the same link above, you can also find an easy and fun way to teach your children how they can make a difference by becoming a New Sight calendar distributor! 


New Sight in UK

Our family will be in the UK to work with the UK office, prepare and give orientation to the new team members for the big move to the new location of Ouesso, Congo in Feb / March 2019. We have limited availability to share, so please get in touch if you are interested to help us fundraise to get us to the finishing line!





Life in Africa is often unpredictable. We have started mentally preparing ourselves for our return to the Congo jungle. For example, we have to prepare for the very real possibility of having a new home in a new town where we may not have running water, electricity, phone or internet signal. The idea of that can make us feel somewhat anxious and uncomfortable. However, when we think of how we are transforming lives and relieving suffering, we simply must go! We believe that together with you, we are building not just a building, but a vision that is larger than the one we can see now. We believe that the best is indeed yet to come – not just for our patients and their families, but for ourselves as we enjoy the joy and benefits of giving. Thank you for sending us!

Love and Blessings,

Joyce & Henri




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