Colourful buckets make washing hands fun – and safe!

  Posted on July 31, 2020 by Phoebe Chan

Hey, what’s this? 108 colourful plastic buckets and 108 plastic basins? Here’s engineer Spencer drilling a hole near the bottom of the bucket and fixing it with a tap, and the Samoutou kids and our nursing students helping as well. The plastic basins are for catching the water during hand-washing. So we made 108 hand-washing systems! Who are they for? all the area schools to help the children wash their hands and go to class!

Working with the Director of Education of Ouesso, our engineer Spencer got a list of schools and classrooms in Ouesso and then made sure all the classrooms, staff rooms, and offices have a hand-washing system. The list covers all the state schools in Ouesso, including 10 primary schools, 5 primary-secondary schools, and 4 technical training centres (for secondary-school-aged students). The buckets and basins were bought and sent from capital city Brazzaville. Then we got a local painter to hand-paint our logo on the colourful buckets.

Here are two students carrying the filled bucket, and a hand-washing system easily set up for use before entering an indoor area.

The new Préfet (the Prefect, the president’s representative to the region), Mr Gilbert Mouanda-Mouanda, met the ouessopioneers and saw our presentation of New Sight’s work. We also presented him with the buckets and basins of our New Sight hand-washing systems. To our gratitude, he expressed his support for our work to bring #newsightnewlife and build our hospital. We are so happy our meeting went well while following social distancing rules!

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