Project Two Front Teeth


The vision

To cultivate a culture where students SEE:

S – SEE the needs of the world

E – EXERCISE what is already in their hands to make a difference

E – EQUIP themselves to make an even bigger difference


How does this work?

Step 1: Use your clever, awesome brain to think of a brilliant fundraising idea
Step 2: Speak to your parents about it
Step 3: Have fun raising funds until you reach HKD$1,000 which equates to one cataract operation
Step 4: Ask your parents to help you donate online.
Step 5: Ask your parents to help make a YouTube video or Facebook video about a) the activity you did, b) say something to the patients you are helping through New Sight, and c) ask the kids in Congo one question
Step 6: Send us your video link to [email protected] (Parents: in sending the link, you are granting us the right to link to the video and include it into New Sight’s promotional content)
Step 7: Tell a friend and share it on Facebook/Instagram #twofrontteethchallenge @newsightcongo
Step 8: If you want to send a photo or graphic, email us at [email protected]


What can I do?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

The list is endless!


Doggies for New Sight Calendar

An easy way to help kickstart your own Two Front Teeth Project and help a blind person see: sell Doggies for New Sight Calendars with us!


What can a HKD$1,000 do?

HKD1,000 can pay for one cataract operation to restore sight to the patient and transform their lives and their family’s lives.  See to see how lives are transformed.

What’s your Two Front Teeth?

Your country is United States so currency auto changed to US Dollars

Cherissa started with her two front teeth. What will you start with? Let us know at [email protected]! And donate online right here.

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