Help make the blind see again!

When our patients and families receive your help, they do not just receive the gift of sight. Their lives are transformed. They also receive the knowledge that someone cares. This is a priceless gift. We simply cannot do what we do without your help and support, and we are so thankful for it!


Fundraising ideas

How about taking something that you wanted to do anyway, and turning it into a meaningful fundraising activity!

Please click here for a suggested template for your fundraising form.

If you would like to receive promotional leaflets for fundraising purposes, please let us know.

We would love to see photos of your fundraising activities!


Project Two Front Teeth

Get kids involved! Project Two Front Teeth is all about kids seeing the needs of the world and acting on their ideas to fundraise. For the story behind the project and how you can join, visit the Project Two Front Teeth page.


Current Fundraisers

COVID-19 Relief for Republic of Congo