Doggies for New Sight

Ezra’s Big Idea 

Hi!  Have you heard about my big sister Cherissa’s Two Front Teeth story? You can watch the video here. (I think it is a pretty cool video.  I was the one who made the cards in the video =0 ). I was inspired by her story and wanted to make calendars to raise money for New Sight.  So I asked Uncle Alex to give me some photos that he took of his award-winning dog Skye and his friends. He said, ‘Yes!’. I then asked Auntie Sanny (who works at QPP) if she can help me print them. She also said, ‘Yes!’. My little sister Karis and my friends (Max, Megan, Ashley, Jonathan and Nic) helped me put the calendar together. We think it looks great!

My mum worried that we would have too many calendars to sell. I told her, ‘Don’t worry! I am going to ask my friends. We are going to invite other kids to become New Sight Distributors and they can then start their own Project Two Front Teeth. The calendars are $100 each.  If they get 10 for $1000, they can sell or give to their friends for Christmas. The $1000 can pay for one eye operation.  To say thank you, they will get an extra calendar for themselves for free.’ My mum said that it’d better work because she doesn’t like having boxes in our home! 

I hope you like the photos and can help our patients in Congo!

Thank you.

From Ezra


How it works

Buy 10 calendars and get one free for yourself (you get 11 total!).
When you give New Sight $1000, it can help one patient in Congo to have eye surgery and see again!
Then sell the 10 calendars to your friends or give them as holiday gifts.

Update: Our calendars have been sold out! Thanks so much for your support.