African Animals for New Sight

Hello from Congo!

New Sight is a charity that our parents founded. We help blind people see again. In 2012, we started our first clinic in Impfondo, Congo. We’re building a new and bigger eye hospital in Ouesso, Congo because we want to help more patients. We need lots of $$$. So last year, we made a calendar and raised over HKD280,000! This year, we asked our friends, the Targetts, and together, we made this awesome calendar in your hands! All the money raised goes directly to help our patients and their families.

Have you heard our sister Cherissa’s Two Front Teeth story that inspired us to make these calendars? You can watch the video here.

Thank you!

From Ezra & Karis Samoutou (ages 10 & 9)
with Hannah, Samuel & Sophie Targett (ages 8, 5 & 3)


The Ouesso Pioneer Kids present: Life in Congo videos

We started talking about our favourite animals because our calendar is about African animals! Then we talked about food and things we like and don’t like about living in Congo. We hope you like them!

What is your favourite animal?

What is your favourite food in Congo?

What do you like doing in Congo?


How it works

Buy 10 calendars and get one free for yourself (you get 11 total!). When you give New Sight HKD1000, it can help one patient in Congo to have eye surgery and see again! Then sell the 10 calendars to your friends or give them as holiday gifts.



Update: Our calendars have been sold out! Thanks so much for your support.