Sunrise for Sight Calendar 2022 「看見•日出」2022年月曆

“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness.” ~ Sapna Reddy

Dear friends,

Hello from the Congo rainforest! New Sight is a charity that our parents founded. We help blind people see again in the Republic of Congo. We started our first clinic in Impfondo in 2012 and our second clinic in Ouesso in 2019. We’re building a new and much larger eye hospital in Ouesso because we want to help more patients. We need lots of $$$, so we have been making desktop calendars to fundraise the last three years. All the money raised goes directly to help our patients and their families.

For this year’s calendar, we chose the theme of Sunrises from all over the world to encourage us that as we unite from different corners of the world, tomorrow will surely be brighter. Sunrises also remind us of the light that we are able to bring to our patients with your support. When our blind patients see again, it is like a new dawn, a new beginning.

Along with this year’s calendar, we have included a colouring sheet especially created by Cherissa. Enjoy the fun and relaxation!

Love from Cherissa, Ezra & Karis  (Ages 16, 13 and 11) 

PS: Here’s a video we made.  It is about how we kids can make a difference!


“只有曾在黑暗中等待,才能體會到日出的奇蹟。” ~ 薩普納・雷迪


您好!從剛果雨林問候大家!目養計劃是我們父母創立的慈善機構。我們幫助盲人在剛果共和國重見光明。我們於 2012 年在因普豐多開設了我們的第一家診所,並於 2019 年在韋索開設了第二家診所。我們正在韋索建立一個新的更大的眼科醫院,因為我們想幫助更多的病人。我們需要大量的金錢,所以我們一直在製作桌面月曆來籌集過去三年的資金。籌集的所有資金都直接用於幫助我們的病人及其家人。



來自曉恩、耘恩和皿恩的暖心信函(16、13 和 11 歲)


The Sunset for Sight Calendars are sold out now. Thank you for your support!
「看見•日出」2022年月曆現已售罄。 謝謝您的支持!