The Interim Surgical Centre

As work continues for the construction of the Eye Hospital, we are EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce that our Interim Surgical Centre in Ouesso is almost ready!!! We have been able to rent a new building next to the Interim Eye Centre and connect the two spaces with a gate! We see so many patients who need surgical help and cannot wait to meet their needs in Ouesso.

Tour of the Interim Surgical Centre

Here is the latest video tour of the Interim Eye Centre and the new Interim Surgical Centre! Enjoy.

Our progress

March 2022

Work was nearly finished on fitting it out, with the gates and walls painted as well as the ceilings and interior walls.

Painting the Interim Surgical Centre gates
The Interim Eye Centre can be see over the wall
Painting the ISC ceiling landscape photo
Painting inner entrance


May 2022

Locally made-to-order beds, day beds, closet, and chairs arrived and were assembled.

June 2022

Female and male inpatient wards and toilets were fitted out.
Supplies and medicines arrived from India, the Netherlands and UK.

July 2022

Covers for sofas (can be converted into day beds or beds for patients’ guardians) were made from African fabric.
Surgical equipment, furniture and supplies arrived via air freight from Hong Kong.

August 2022

The centre was prepared for the visit from dignitaries. See the tour video on the top.

September-October 2022

Students have been learning how to look after surgical patients for the first time. Henri has taught them about preparing surgical instruments, scrubbing up, and had our staff Sabin act as the patient to demonstrate various techniques and uses of surgical tools and machines.




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